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Club Show 2023 CAJC, CAC SR, BOB, BOS


Show ground: 7. 5. 2023  -Veľké Úľany, together with a regional dog show (you can enter dog to both shows).

Adress: Jazdecký areál, Priemyselná 2 (opposite side to factory A+Z Rišňovský)

KV 07.05.2023


Zeljko Lozič/Serbia

Z vážnych dôvodov sa ospravedlnil pán rozhodca Željko Lozic.
Klubovú výstavu bude posudzovať pán András Polgár.



9:00      Entering the dogs in the ring
10:00    Judging in the ring
14:30     Final Competitions (BOB from specialty show can compete in regional BIS ring in SYMPHATY dog competition)

We reserve the right to change the program!

General Terms

The show is organized according to the reglements of  SKJ and the regulations issued by the organizer. Only individuals registered in the studbooks recognized by the FCI can take part in the show. A readable copy of the dog’s original pedigree must be attached to each application. Each entered dog registered must have a pedigree, proof of registration (puppy card) is not enough. Applications for dogs for which the pedigree certificate issued by the FCI-recognized studbook will not be uploaded to the online system will be automatically deleted (this also applies to minor puppy and puppy classes). The organizer has the right not to accept the application without stating the reason. It is not possible to enter a dog on the day of the show. It is not possible to transfer a dog to another class on the day of the show. If the show is not held for reasons beyond the control of the organizer, the entry fees will be used to cover the incurred costs.

A judge is obliged to disqualify aggressive dogs. Provoking dogs against each other is not allowed. The use of sprays, powders and other cosmetic products is prohibited. Double handling of dogs from outside of the ring is prohibited.

It is strictly forbidden to leave dogs tied up on trimming tables except the time they are being prepared for the show (trimmed, brushed or combed). Violation of these prohibitions may result in the exclusion of the dog from the show. In breeds where the standard does not allow docking/cropping, it is upon the decision of the judge not to judge this dog, as there is an indication of an operation being done with a purpose of correcting the natural state of the body feature (e.g. docked tail, cropped ear). There as on why a CANNOT BE JUDGED mark was given must be clearly stated in the critique.

The judges judge according to valid breed standards issued by the Federation Cynologique  Internationale (FCI). The judge may refuse to judge a dog that enters the ring late. The judge is obliged to refuse to judge a dog whose owner does not present the dog’s pedigree at the request of the ring steward.

Selling puppies at the exhibition grounds is strictly forbidden!

The organizer is not responsible for damages caused by the dog or to the dog. The owner is responsible for all damage caused by his dog. Free running of dogs around the showground is prohibited. The exhibitor is responsible for the well-being of his dog at the show – he must not expose him to situations that could endanger his health or even his life, e.g. leave it in the car in extreme winter or heat or treat it cruelly. Anyone who violates these principles will be excluded from this and subsequent shows.

The exhibitor by entering the dog for the show as a person concerned in accordance with § 13 of Act no. 18/2018 Coll. on the protection of personal data, gives its consent to the organizer for the processing of his personal data (name, surname) and agrees to their publication (name, surname), photo documentation and results of the show on the organizer’s website.

The organizer has the right not to allow the exhibitor to participate in the show (whether in the breed ring or in the final ring), if the exhibitor does not use and properly wear the correct and visible catalog number of the individual he is exhibiting! 

Entry registration

Na výstave sa budú písať posudky. 

By submitting the entry of his/her dog the exhibitor is obliged to abide by the SKJ show regulations and Slovak veterinary rules. The exhibitor is giving his/ her permission to publish his/her adress in the exhibition catalog and on the website of the organizer. He/she also agrees with publishing pictures, results and critiques of his/her dog as much as needed by the organizer, the SKJ or partners of the show. The entry of a dog is financially binding.

Entry deadlines and Entry fees

1.Closing date 10. 4. 2023 | 2. Closing date 25. 4. 2023

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Bank card payment only via online entry form! Entry fees must be paid within 24 hours after registration.

Entry cancellation is not possible. Exhibition fees for the not accepted entries will be returned to the account from which they were paid within 30 days after the end of the show. No need to send a request. In case of refunding the fees for whatever the reason, the fee 10 € will be deducted.


Minor Puppy class correctly inoculated puppies up to 6 months 
Puppy class 6-9 months
Junior class 9-18 months
Intermediate class 15-24 months
Open class 15 months and over
Champion class 15 months and over (Championship certificate compulsory)
Veteran class 8 years and over

Honour class from dogs with titles Interchampion, Champion, National and Club winner (Title certificate compulsory). This class is out of competition and winners are not awarded by CAC nor compete for BOB. 

Dogs and bitches can be judged in one class only. In each class the first four with the grading excellent or very good are placed. In Minor puppy and Puppy class the first four with the grading very promising are placed.

You can change the class on your own till the end of the 2nd entry deadline free of charge.


CAJC SR – Certificate for the Junior Champion title of Slovakia may be awarded to dogs and bitches graded as Excellent 1st in junior class.
CAC SR – Certificate for the Champion of Slovakia may be awarded to dogs and bitches graded Excellent 1st in intermediate, open, working or champion class.
Reserve CAC – May be awarded to dogs and bitches graded as Excellent 2nd in intermediate, open, working or champion class.
Club winner – Dogs and bitches separately that received a CAC in intermediate, open and champion class, compete for the this title. Only dogs owned by member of the club can be awarded by this title.
Club winner junior – Dog and bitch that received a CAJC in junior class compete for this title separately. Title is not claimable. Only dogs owned by member of the club can be awarded by this title.
BOB – Best of breed – Awarded to the best male or female from each breed. Dogs and bitches with CAJC, FCI CACIB and BOV compete for this title.
BOS – Best of Opposite Sex 


Best couple
An owner (100% same owners on both dogs) can enter his dog and bitch of the same breed and variety, that have been judged at this show.

Best breeder´s group
A breeder can enter his breeder´s group of at least 3 dogs or bitches of the same breed, color and size, which have been judged at this show. The dogs don´t have to be owned by the breeder, but they must come from the same kennel from at least two different litters, at least two different sires and dams. A dog / bitch can only be entered to one breeder´s group. Exhibitors are obliged to let their dogs compete in this competition when asked by the breeder.

Veterinary regulations

Dogs from abroad must have a PET PASSPORT with valid vaccinations. We would like to ask and recommend that dogs have a vaccination against kennel cough.